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GVBristol Heritage

An innovative, high profile, youth-led, inter-generational and inclusive project in Bristol to take an educative journey through heritage sites to gain a deeper knowledge of, and connection to, their own city's history and cultural identity and their place within it.

Merchant Navy Memorial Service 2014

Welsh Back, Bristol

  • To provide new and creative, inclusive, dynamic and high quality opportunities for all people to access and experience heritage

  • To develop heritage based skills, including research and interpretation, in collaboration with local heritage partners

  • To develop, affirm and evolve young people's team work and leadership skills by supporting them to take ownership of the project

  • To utilise and develop existing and new creative skills to explore, interpret, document, present and disseminate these journeys and findings through various creative means including video/photography, writing and music/song in order to engage and inspire others in their own heritage journeys


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