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Our Story

We see our role as synergists and creative producers, experienced in partnership working with individuals, community groups, educational bodies and organisations to help build dynamic, sustainable, integrated and creative cultures.

Since 2014 GV's Creative Outreach programme has been bringing life back to underused and vacant spaces in and off East Street, re-purposing them to strengthen, diversify and regenerate this area of South Bristol, by forming and supporting creative and digital communities.

GV has a long and proven track record as independent fundraisers, creative producers and managers of music, performing arts, youth leadership and creative skills training/coaching projects and in effective cross-discipline partnership work. In addition to working extensively across the South West, we have worked in collaboration with a large number of UK based and overseas aid agencies, developing innovative and creative models of delivery and training projects around issues such as health education, wellbeing and advocacy.

GV is also one of the last independent music organisations in the city and still going strong to support children and young people on transformational journeys into creativity and community.

Sir Ken Robinson,
The Robinson Report

All Our Futures: Creativity, Culture & Education

The world is changing faster than ever in our history. We need to evolve a new appreciation of the importance of nurturing human talent along with an understanding of how talent expresses itself differently in every individual. We need to create an environment - in our schools, communities, workplaces and in our public offices - where every person is inspired to grow creatively.

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