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'SongRaids & SoundBaths'

Festival Walkabout & Performance

This hugely evocative, engaging and high quality act has been booked for small and large family festival audiences including Glastonbury Festival (Theatre & Circus Walkabout) from 2008-23, WOMAD Charlton Park 2013-22 and Shambala Festival 2022.  WorldRoots have also performed twice for Sting and Trudie Styler at their home in Wiltshire at private events.

The WorldRoots walkabout act was stunning – like nothing I have ever experienced – 360 degrees of beautiful, haunting and uplifting pitch-perfect music by amazingly talented youngsters. WorldRoots are one of the most professional and pleasurable acts to work with that I have ever come across – I won't hesitate to book them again!!!

Lark Porter

Events Coordinator, Co-stage manager Sensation Seekers, Glastonbury Festival

So good to See & Hear & Feel Gathering Voices. Thank you for your generous commitment to community. Love Trudie & Sting

Trudie Styler & Sting

omg!! Myself and two friends were blind folded and sang to by YOU!! Words can not describe the feeling of being taken to another world by the sound of the singing!!!!! xxxA


Festival goer

Amazing things happen to you like I was just walking around and this woman comes up to me and says ‘would you like a song’ and I said ‘I’d love a song’ thinking that she was just going to sing to me.


She immediately calls over about 15 other people, they surround me in a circle and sing me the most beautiful song – just to me you have ever heard! So I had tears rolling down my cheeks – and that to me summed up the whole Glastonbury thing!

[To hear press play on the right and there is a photo in the slideshow below]

BBC Radio 2 - Chris Evans' Drivetime

Making Sally Traffic Cry!!

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Somersault Festival
Lake House
WOMAD Charlton Park
Glastonbury Festival
Sally 'TrafficBoazman at Glastonbury
Glastonbury Festival
WOMAD Charlton Park
Somersault Festival
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