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Creative Youth Leadership

I have a long association with Gathering Voices - as a parent, musical collaborator and educationalist. Time and again I have been impressed by the work they do with kids from a wide range of backgrounds. It makes a real difference, not only to how young people feel about themselves, but to life chances too. Such projects are exactly the kind of thing we should be doing more of in Bristol and cities like it.

Professor David James

Professor of Education

From the design of the headed writing paper, to the style of written and spoken communication with the young people and parents, to the enormously varied creative music, to the commitment to high musical and performance standards, to the ever developing new ideas, to the huge generosity of the energy given to the young people.  All this and more is part of the wonderful professionalism with a personal attention of Gathering Voices. I know there is much great musical work going on with young people all over the country.  Gathering Voices is unusual in its focus on world music of both instrumental and vocal nature.  It offers children not just and exposure to existing music from all over the world, but the chance to improvise and write and produce their own music, linked into the international world music language.  And that can only be, at the very least, a significant drop in the ocean of acceptance and understanding of other cultures.

Mark Vaughan, OBE

Director, Centre for Studies on Inclusive Education

I have known the work of Gathering Voices and felt that in meeting Hannah and Nick I had found two people with remarkable vision and purpose. They are unusually gifted in their way of working which flows from real experience in the creative arts and community, global and local.  I have witnessed their effectiveness in nurturing and developing young people as they flourish with confidence and spirit. Their understanding of community and wellbeing underpins all that they commit to creating and these are the elements that have been recognised and caught in an ever widening influence within the city. 

Canon Tim Higgins

(former) City Canon, Bristol Cathedral

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