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Arnos Vale Cemetery

We took three visits to Arnos Vale. On the first one we were given a tour by the regular guide and took notes, pictures and some videos.

On the next trip we agreed to break into smaller groups and searched for more specific topics.  We met in the chapel to discuss and share our ideas. The tour information and the cemeteries own archive gave us a lot of background and several of the headstones gave us more subjects for poems, songs and stories. Considering we were rambling around a cold wet cemetery in winter we were quite inspired! We then met back at SoundWorks (our old base) a few times to shape the different ideas. On the last trip we worked with the photographer to take a series of pictures that we felt would work with our words and text. Another group found an old Zimbabwean funeral song and we thought it might make an interesting mix to the soundtrack and pictures so we recorded it at SoundWorks (we have now moved to Factory 8!). Another group helped to direct and edit the video.


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