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Bristol Old Vic

Our group visited the Bristol Records Office for a whole morning on a research trip.

The guide answered all of our questions and showed us a number of items from the archive and how to use the system to research what we wanted. We took copious notes and pictures which all came in useful later in the creative process.

We subsequently took the official guided backstage tour of the Old Vic Theatre which as fantastic and incredibly informative.  The group then met at SoundWorks to begin discussing, shaping and planning how to take all of the information we had and make it into a short theatre piece.

Over the following sessions the ideas took shape, characters were chosen and the narration written. We then decided to add music and asked some of the other teenagers from the other working groups to advise on background music and it all came together really well. Another group worked with the recording experts and took charge of the video and recording process and we captured it as a ‘work in progress’ and as an ‘aid memoir’ for when it is used a live piece.


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