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‘Floating down The Malago’

A song inspired by the floods of Bristol

Verse I

As we recall in ‘68 The waters rose through the City gates

It flooded Eastville, and St. George Killed the fire in Hartcliffe’s Forge

The river rose

Above our knees

In our cold wet Wellies did we freeze.

Verse II

I seen a man

In a wardrobe boat

Float down East Street

To the city moat

The roads all sank

In the muddy mire

Whilst we was climbing

To someplace higher


Have you seen Jimmy?

Have you seen Joe?

No ,but I’ve seen Milly

And I’ve seen Flo

They’re in a bathtub

Don’t you know

They’re all floating down the Malago

Verse III

Our house was wet

Our carpets drowned

Under feet of water

All dirty brown

But the Fire Brigade

And soldiers came

To help the old folk

Just the same

Verse IV

All our buckets, mops

And sandbag walls

Were no defence

Against the waterfalls

Yes we got sodden

We got wet That sad July

We’ll ne’re forget


Have you seen Jimmy?

Have you seen Joe?

No, but I’ve seen Milly?

And I’ve seen Flo

They’re in a bathtub

Don’t you know

They’re all floating down the Malago

Verse V

Now I’ve seen Jimmy

And I’ve seen Joe

Milly too

And Auntie Flo

We’re all in a bathtub

Don’t you know Floating down the Malago


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