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Memories of Beese's Tea Gardens

“I have many happy memories of visits to Beese’s and nearby walks along the river with my partner, before he passed away. Especially the day he fell in the river, trying to retrieve a ball for our dog and had to be rescued by the ferry, much to everyone’s amusement. “

“It’s still one of my favourite places to walk with my dog and friends”

The Tea Gardens were opened in 1846 by Mrs Beese, a Christian lady who discouraged the drinking of alcohol.

The tea gardens provided refreshments to the many travellers using the Conham Ferry. Her husband Mr Beese captained the ferry.

Heavy industry once dominated the area with Butler’s tar works on one side and Board Mills on the other as well as a sewage works which served Kingswood until 1968.

The area is now a pleasant riverside walk.


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