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Our Little Gypsy

One of the most recently uncovered graves at Arnos Vale Cemetery caught our attention and inspired us to write a poem which we also turned into a song

Grave of Lilian Sarah the only girl of the Radford family Died March 9 1902 aged 2 yrs 9 months Inscription on headstone:

'our little gypsy' 'little treasure left us march 9th 1902'

Also buried in same plot is Lilian's brother Wyndham Kossuth

Died 1900 aged 3

Grave Type: Upper working class because of the brick lime materials used to create the grave

The grave marker is of a little girl but it may not necessarily resemble Lilian

Family from Somerville Road, St Barthmolomews (Bishopston?)

Our poem for Lilian Sarah Radford:

1902 they lost they're little treasure Left this world like a newly shed feather Aged just 2 years 9 months old But on her grave her story's untold

A tragic event, to us unknown But on top of her grave her identity shown A saddening vision with a tree grown to her head Recently uncovered no one knew she was dead

Her brother too, again so young Just three years of age himself he flung Playing happily as any boy should Got himself lost in the middle of the wood

A frenzy of panic floods his small mind Leading him to a place no soul can find He finds himself on the edge of a drop In a couple of seconds Wyndham Kossuth is lost


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