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Sounding the City Creative Audit

Creative Interests Audit

Sophie T                       Photography, songwriting, textiles, leadership, cooking

Jess LT                          Photography, songwriting, artwork, leadership,

Anna S                   Photography, songwriting, poetry, leadership, theatre direction

James D                       Photography, songwriting, recording, leadership

Maggy M                     Photography, songwriting, fashion, leadership clothes design, acting,

Caitlin                          Photography, songwriting, artwork, leadership, poetry, drama, textiles,

Robyn                          Photography, songwriting, video, narration

Esme                           Photography, songwriting acting/directing, fashion, modelling,

Mali                             Photography, Songwriting, ukelele, beatboxing

Anja                            Photography, songwriting, artwork, textiles,

Abi                              Photography, songwriting, artwork,

Svea                            Photography, songwriting, poetry, fashion, modelling

Maia                            Songwriting, piano, artwork

Molly G                       Songwriting, piano, dance, modelling, directing, fashion

Evie H                         Songwriting, poetry

Eilis                             Songwriting, leadership, theatre performance

Catherine W              Photography, leadership, video, cooking, textiles, acting, directing

Carys L                       Photography, fashion, artwork

Frey CK                      Photography, drama, directing

Santi                           Photography, video, piano, drama

Sam                            Photography, drawing, poetry

Eliza                            Photography, writing, performing

Stella                          Photography, writing, acting/theatre

Maddy                       Photography, writing, filming

Cara                           Photography,writing, filming, fashion/design

Maya                          Photography, art/stage design, poetry, music, performance

Zenzi                          Photography, research/archive, spoken word, poetry,

Betty                          Photography, filming, drama, guitar

Karensa                     Photography, drawing, fashion, prop-making

Vinothan                    Archive-delving, narration

Frances                      Prop/set-making, art/drawing, piano

Jess                            Drama, narration, storytelling, artwork, poetry, piano, cooking

Heather                     Carpentry!

(100% are singers of course)


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